Fundraising research people running in a charity event

Latest Research: Fundraiser Perspectives from Australia & New Zealand 2023

Fundraising research people running in a charity event

The Status of ANZ Fundraising Report from Blackbaud, a software provider working with social impact organisations, is back for the second year, providing a comprehensive view of fundraising in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. 260 nonprofit professionals have shared their insights and recent performance in areas such as income trends and fundraising targets, digital maturity, use of technology and future outlook. The report outlines that while the economy has seen as the biggest challenge facing the sector, it is heartening that more organisations saw growth in their income.  

Key Findings Include: 

  • Income stream diversification helps to drive growth: More organisations say that their income increased than declined, and over half met their fundraising targets. Growth is driven by exceptional gifts, more donors and new kinds of activity, whereas income decline was mainly attributed to a challenging economic climate.  
  • Digitally mature organisations are more likely to see income growth: Organisations that understand and get the most out of their fundraising technology are more digitally mature than organisations that do not.
  • Organisations understand tech but fail to get the most out of it: Respondents see clear benefits to using technology, and most have a fundraising CRM in place at their organisation. However, only a small minority say they make the most out of their solution.
  • Economic downturn continues to challenge the sector: When considering the main fundraising challenges the sector will face over the next three years, organisations’ top concerns relate to economic challenges due to rising costs of fundraising and fewer donations. 

Corporate Giving Insights

From this research, there are some key takeaways to explore: 

1. Corporate giving is growing

The graph below shows an 8% increase, demonstrating that charities are starting to embrace the untapped potential in corporate giving, and the vast potential in well thought out corporate partnerships. 

ANZ Fundraising Report from Blackbaud graph corporate giving growing


2. Corporate giving income by stream has increased

This graph shows that across Australia and New Zealand both corporate giving, grants, and trust & foundations (which can make up a part of a corporate giving strategy) by income stream has increased.

ANZ Fundraising Report from Blackbaud graph corporate giving growing by stream

Workplace Giving Australia CEO David Mann says that: 

With 85% of employees reporting that they want to work for an organisation that supports charities, there are obvious benefits to employers who are genuinely wanting to create great places to work, enabling and promoting workplace giving benefits to the workers, the business, charities and the wider community.