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An online solution to deliver giving at work

Workplace giving is a smart way for organisations to demonstrate a strategic commitment to corporate community investment.


Employees are provided with an opportunity to connect with the values of the company they work for and a way to make a positive difference in society. The diverse and open selection of charities available through workplace giving also provides an avenue for companies to practically provide options to support corporate community investment initiatives. 

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Choose your cause

The Good2Give platform provides a choice of charities and vast array of cause areas and issues people want to support, including: children and young people; diversity and inclusion; improving physical and mental health and wellbeing, aged care; Indigenous communities; animal welfare and protection; education; the environment; international aid and development; and arts, culture and sport. 

Workplace Giving Australia's commitment to quality assurance and best practice ensures all charities are validated and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

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Employee choice

The Good2Give platform includes options for:

  • regular pre-tax donations

  • fundraising event creation

  • volunteering opportunities

  • creation of seasonal or emergency appeals

  • employers can also add donation matching to all employee donations


Technology vs program

Workplace Giving Australia advocates for giving at work programs and robust corporate philanthropy. There are many online solutions available, such as the Good2Give platform. However, research shows that no matter how good the technology is, the overall program and its promotion to employees truly impact charities and their services.

“We partnered with Good2Give in 2014 to help manage our Matched Payroll Giving and Employee Community Grants programs, as part of our Because We Care Australia program. In addition to seeing a significant increase in both engagement and participation, our partnership with Good2Give also provides absolute confidence on the operational governance behind these programs.”

Jessica Christie

Former Executive Manager Community Partnerships & Engagement, REA Group

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