Giving Guide Mission

Integrity, honesty and unbiased assessment are at the core of Giving Guide’s mission. The charity sector is important to the economy and culture of Australia. The guide helps you and your organisation independently assess the accountability, transparency and effectiveness of Australian charities beyond what is currently available, which is important to its future.

Giving Guide anticipates enhancing the level of governance of Australian charities. An independent advisor would benefit the sector by helping charities consider and work towards exceeding the existing governance standards of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to benefit donors. The guide helps build relationships, confidence and trust to maintain ongoing support of charities.

Good Guidance

Donors need the capability to assess charities they would like to support easily; charities need to prove they’re capable, responsible and worthy. Giving Guide provides a place to start the process with ease.
The charity sector is vital to Australia, and many charities in Australia provide essential services that otherwise may not be available to the community. This is especially apparent when, across the sector, the Australian Government contributes approximately half (47%) of the revenue received by charities, which means that donors are invaluable in assisting charities that serve the community.


Donors and charities both benefit from this vital giving tool. The Giving Guide helps increase the impact on society by expanding the exposure of charities to donors.

“The Workplace Giving Australia Board is excited about Giving Guide. It strongly aligns with our vision of making giving part of everyday life and we have plans to grow it and make it even more useful to donors and the charitable sector.”

Michael Graf

Co-Chairman, Workplace Giving Australia