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Research & employee expectations

Today, more than ever, engaging Australian workers to give to charity through their place of work increases philanthropic giving, makes giving part of everyday life and supports communities within the workplace.


Recent research highlights that employees expect workplace giving programs, with 85% of survey respondents saying it is personally important that a company has a giving program in place. Furthermore, donation matching was a primary driver (66%). Surprisingly, much lower in the results was 'it made sense from a tax perspective' (14%).

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Talent attraction & engagement

Even more importantly, studies show that many workforce members give generously to charitable causes. Surveys suggest that over 70% of employed Australians give to charity. We also know that 85% of corporations donate to charities. However, the overlap is remarkably small – employees donate independently of their employers, with a missed opportunity to collaborate.
Further benefits to the donor, when their employer has a structured program, allows them to collaborate with colleagues for the causes they support. The sense of belonging and community increases happiness in the workforce whilst making a difference to charities.

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The challenge for corporate Australia 

In today's competitive marketplace, the ongoing challenge is twofold. Firstly, businesses need to create a vibrant workplace giving programs for the benefit of their people, charities and the wider community.
Secondly, employers need to make these programs readily available to their workforce. Current research shows that programs do exist. However, staff are not
engaging in them or need to be made aware of giving options.
The good news is that businesses, individuals and charities can make a real difference to the community and the world around us by working together.

“Today, workplace giving is more than a 'nice to have', it’s a change agent for good, revolutionising the corporate landscape to enable those who have the resources and the means to make a difference in society.”

Nathan Barker

Head of Community Investments, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Commonwealth Bank

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