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Charity colleagues shaking hands during a meeting in a modern office

Corporate partnerships create robust funding

As a charity, workplace giving offers a chance to access a new audience demographic and acquire new donors who are engaged and ready to learn more about your organisation's impact.


What’s in it for the new donor and corporate partner? Workplace engagement with a not for profit enables everyone in a workplace to be part of something outside their day-to-day work routine and make a difference while at work.

Multi-ethnic group of women, men at charity breast cancer rally

New acquisition & engagement

Giving at work cultivates active participation, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among all team members. Workplace giving offers charities and organisations a unique chance to showcase their impact to a captive audience and celebrate the incredible difference donations make in a community.

Modern Loft Charity Office

The challenge for charities 

Workplace giving programs have the power to significantly impact not for profit organisations. As a fundraiser, it’s essential to understand how to make workplace giving successful for your charity.


Here are some top tips to help you maximise the potential of workplace giving:

  • Build strong relationships with corporate partners

  • Provide compelling storytelling

  • Offer employee engagement opportunities

  • Utilise technology

  • Communicate impact

“We value our membership in The Network for its ability to connect us with like-minded individuals and organisations, cultivating an environment for innovative and collaborative thinking. The regular networking sessions are invaluable, facilitating connections and keeping us on top of best practices. The support and resources offered have significantly enhanced the efficiency of our initiatives, resulting in a tangible impact on our program.”

Elizabeth Meyer

Workplace Giving Coordinator, The Smith Family

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