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Donate through your pay

Workplace giving offers a chance to donate to your favourite charity from your pre-tax pay.


What's the best way to donate at work?

There are many ways to donate, with online platforms now being the most popular method of donating to charities at work.
A platform like Workplace Giving Australia's Good2Give platform provides the opportunity to support over 2,800 charities with one-off or regular donations.

The platform offers the choice of many verified charities and cause areas, including children and young people; diversity and inclusion; physical and mental health and wellbeing, Indigenous communities; animal welfare and protection; education; the environment; international aid and development; and arts, culture and sport and more. 
Ask your employer about how to donate through your pay in the workplace.

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Take action

As an individual, there are many ways to give at work financially and by taking action.

Options for giving vary from workplace to workplace and can include:

  • organising a fundraising event

  • volunteering (which can often be organised via your online giving platform at work, such as Good2Give)

  • signing a petition

  • participating in seasonal charity days

  • encourage your colleagues and employer to get involved


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Be a workplace giving advocate

When combined, workplace giving can be a powerful way to understand the impact of individual, organisational, and community actions.
As a workplace giver, you can dive deeper and understand more about cause areas and how charities create real and lasting impact from your donations and actions.


Become a workplace giver. Ask your employer today.


“I feel proud to work for this company with the knowledge that they are actively seeking to improve the world that we live in today.”

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