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An alternative to setting up and managing your own foundation 

Anyone who administers a corporate foundation will tell you that managing in-house can be a heavy time and resource burden.

The great news is that now you can outsource the more taxing components of your foundation, which means you can gain more of your time back to focus on engaging people in your workplace giving program.

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Providing fundraising solutions 

Discover how you can bring your customers, clients, consultants and suppliers along the fundraising journey and utilise your Foundation Account to support the causes you and your employees care about.

What's more, you can raise money for multiple charities at any one time and donate funds whenever you like.

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Robust governance 

Ensuring your Foundation Account has the highest level of due diligence and validation processes can be daunting. It's never too late to make certain your Foundation Account has the most up-to-date compliance.
With two decades of established experience in corporate giving solutions, Workplace Giving Australia's rigorous recipient validation, due diligence, and funds distribution services ensure your funds are delivered securely through the trustee approvals for the Good2Give Community Fund.

“The administration associated with our community investment program is enormous. Leaving these tasks to the experts means we can continuously improve how we deliver to the community.

Jane Andrews

Former CARE Foundation & Community Partnerships Manager, Stockland

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