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Increasing workplace giving participation

A successful workplace giving program includes key measurement metrics, particularly employee participation in the program. Reporting on this measure can be a crucial indicator of program health and provide insights to improve and grow your program. There are many strategies to increase participation, and Workplace Giving Australia offers advice and recommendations for your specific organisation and how to integrate these into your current systems and processes.

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Creating effective employee attraction, retention & engagement

When done strategically, a workplace giving program can become integral to your employee experience. 

Workplace Giving Australia works with various stakeholders across your organisation to ensure solid touchpoints and awareness of your program in conjunction with your core priorities. This requires strong executive support and bespoke solutions implemented in a robust way. 

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Best practice corporate giving governance

It's no secret that managing corporate social responsibility, including workplace giving programs, comes with a broad remit, depth of knowledge, and care for all stakeholders. Program administration can also be confusing and requires regular updating to keep up with the latest sector regulations and changes.


Whether starting, reviewing an existing program or looking to improve your high-performing program, an expert in the field can form a crucial part of your team to ensure all critical governance is covered, leaving you to focus on staff engagement with the program. 

““Workplace Giving Australia led The Reject Shop through a charity selection process, ensuring that the charity partner was the right fit for The Reject Shop.  With their help, a partnership was formed which that not only delivers value, but offers The Reject Shop team members engagement outcomes, which has a positive impact on the communities in which The Reject Shop operates."

Eleni Tellios

National Safety Manager

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