Workplace Giving Month 2024

Top Five Tips For Charities

1. Now is the time to promote workplace giving!

Workplace Giving Month is a great time to ask your broader donor base if they can double their existing donations through their workplace. Remember, 60% of donors who work are already giving to you and have access to workplace giving programs; they just may not know about them!   
Not only that, but it’s also the end of the financial year, which means this is the best time to leverage end-of-year donations, bonuses, unused matching budgets, and corporate EOFY appeals.

2. Grow workplace giving as a fundraising channel 

If you don’t have a Workplace Giving Manager or Corporate Partnerships Manager, or it’s not in your fundraising pyramid, Workplace Giving Month is the best time to take action! Talk to your team, research workplace giving, and speak to an expert who can help you become a leading workplace giving charity partner.

3. Leverage the research 

Workplace Giving Australia releases regular research, which means that you can back up your fundraising with hard facts. Discover further information here that you can use to assist your ask.

4. Grow your Network 

Are you keen to create your group of peers in this critical area? The Network is a group of like-minded professionals that dive deeper into workplace giving. In addition to supporting the cause, members receive direct access to exclusive events with topical keynote speakers, group discussions, regular educational workshops, resources, and support from like-minded peers facing similar challenges. 

Find out more about joining The Network. 

5. Great corporate partnership, innovation or program? Win an award!

Workplace Giving Australia hosts the annual Workplace Giving Awards, which showcases best practices across Australia. These awards highlight and celebrate success to increase the momentum of workplace giving.


Charities: Find out more about how you leverage workplace giving here!