Workplace Giving Australia Responds To Federal Government Budget 2024

Workplace Giving Australia Responds To Federal Budget

Workplace Giving Australia Responds To Federal Government Budget 2024

The Treasurer delivered the 2024–25 Budget on Tuesday 14 May 2024, with a focus on cost of living, income tax cuts, manufacturing and industry policy as well as the net zero transition highlighted. 

Workplace Giving Australia makes regular submissions to the Government, calling for more focus on giving to charities, and lifting the bar for corporates to provide giving at work. After the budget release, David Mann, CEO of Workplace Giving Australia commented:

“This budget juggles a number of different areas, reflecting the times in which we find ourselves and the context in which it has been prepared. It highlights that both now and into the future, we need to remain active in our support for the charity sector and the causes it addresses. As individuals engage with their communities, it will become increasingly important for their efforts to be matched and supported by their employer companies. We encourage all workers to push for their donations and volunteering to be enhanced by the active contribution of their company.”

It's no secret that Australians are generous, however, only a small percentage are giving at work. Workplace Giving Australia is changing this for the benefit of all. The organisation is also a charity that invests in research, advocacy, campaigns and events, such as the Australian Workplace Giving Awards, the latest 2024 giving research, and Workplace Giving Month coming up in June.

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